05/10/2009 10:27

Why Classical Homeopathy

Classical homeopaths have years of specialized training in the philosophy and practice of homeopathy. This allows them to use homeopathy to stimulate healing on the deepest possible levels.

Consider this. Most often, people go to a doctor or medical practitioner for a specific disease or problem. You are given a medicine to make that problem go away. But the symptoms have been caused by an underlying problem. If the underlying problem still exists then the symptoms will return, either in the same form or as a different disease or problem.

The reason for this is that the underlying problem was not dealt with. This is called suppression. Classical homeopaths have a clear understanding of the difference between suppression and real healing. With true healing the root of the problem is dealt with first. Since the underlying problem is gone, the symptoms that are the body's calls for help are no longer needed. So they stop.